Organic Foods Help Make You Fit

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Organic means any substance that is based on carbon. Organic food is the foodstuff which has been created using ecological and animal friendly agricultural methods on organic farming houses. These procedures are usually defined by law and any food that is sold as ‘organic’ is austerely controlled and monitored. Organic food is grown using a set of prearranged procedures that vary in a many ways from that of industrial agricultural methods. VerdeFarms FB page contains more posts on organic foods you may check.

Organic farms like Verde Farms, which is known for producing premium organic, grass-fed beef, recognizes what is important for our health and what food we must eat. To produce organic food, non-natural fertilizers are forbidden and in its place farmers cultivate productive soil by using crop rotation methods and using vegetable waste, manure, and clover.

There are so many advantages of organic food and organic farming.

Benefits of Organic Foods

More nutritional than non-organic food

Many researchers believe that organic foodstuff has more nutrient elements in them as compared to non-organic foods and drinks. Natural and Organic farming methods produce organic food which comprises of healthy vitamins and minerals in them. Organic foods have greater levels of many antioxidants and necessary vitamins, including Vitamin C that helps in strengthening your body’s natural defense mechanism.

Reduces the risk of health hazards

In normal farming methods, farmers use various types of harmful substances like pesticides, chemicals, or processed fertilizers that leave a very negative impact on your body. It weakens your immune system, hence making you more prone to allergies, weakness, illness and disorders. However, as chemicals and artificial fertilizers are not used in organic farming, organic food is very safe and healthy for human body and it even tastes better than non-organic food. Organic foods help make you fit and significantly lower the risks of serious ailments like Cancer, Alzheimers Disease and birth defects. Check verde farms linkedin page and get more ideas.

No genetically modified foods

One of the major advantages of organic food is the fact that it is not genetically modified. Genetically modified foods can be very harmful for human body. It can have lethal effects on several organs and systems of the human body. It can also increase the chances of chronic diseases in the body.

Benefits of Organic Farming

Prevents Soil erosion and degradation

Organic farming emphasis a lot of their time and energy on the practices that does not harm the soil. Soil is ultimately the basis of farming and without it, it would be impossible to do the farming. Many organic farms are involved in conservation and restoration of the soil that is so valuable. Also, as no chemicals are used in farming, organic farming practices help in retaining the quality of the soil. They do not contaminate land and water resources.

Helps in creating a healthier environment

Organic farming also helps in building a better environment. The processes and techniques that are used in organic farming shield the nutrient contents of the soil and also help in reducing the level of pollutants in air and water. Organic farming also helps in the conservation of the non-renewable natural resources and uses these resources effectively and efficiently. Organic farming methods also help in conservation of wildlife. The artificial and toxic chemicals used in commercial farming can be very harmful for birds and animals.