Guide To Controlling Sweating While Working Out

Sweating is a normal and necessary function of the human body, but sometimes we just sweat too much. When working out, do you often see a puddle on the floor where your sweat has collected? Do you go through towel after towel to wipe away sweat from your forehead? Well, this can be natural. In an hour of vigorous exercise it’s normal for your body to excrete a liter to a liter and a half of sweat. That’s a lot of sweat. However, there are some things that can increase that volume. Sweat is inconvenient but also necessary. In order to look for ways to stop sweat, we have to know why we sweat. That way, we can use this knowledge to keep ourselves from needing to produce so much sweat.

Why Do We Sweat

Sweat is the body’s way of maintaining an optimal temperature. As we exercise our hearts start pumping and our muscles start working and all of this movement creates heat. A lot of heat. In fact, only about a quarter of the calories used up during exercise are used to actually do the exercise. The other three quarters of those calories are lost in the form of heat.

Of course, your body needs to get rid of these heat. To do that several things happen at ones. First, your blood vessels dilate to allow maximum flow of your blood. By doing so, the blood absorbs heat and transfers it to your limbs where it can dissipate more quickly. To combat heat further, our body sweats. As sweat evaporates our body is cooled as the heat travels into the air.

Because sweating if so important to heat management our bodies will actually start to produce sweat earlier and in greater quantities in order to more efficiently deal with regular exercise. So if you find yourself excessively sweating it might mean that you are more fit.

How To Stop Excessive Sweating

So now that we know why we sweat, how do we stop excessive sweating. By keeping your body cool and hydrated it will produce less sweat. This means wearing ice socks and ice vests. These pieces of clothing have special icing pockets where ice is frozen or placed. As you work out, the ice melts as it keeps you cool. From there, the melted ice soaks into your clothing and gives you the cooling benefits of evaporation without all the sweat.

Another way to stop excessive sweating is to use antiperspirants. According to a dove deodorant review, these deodorants block the pores in your armpits which produce the smelliest sweat and inhibits the amount of sweat during exercise.

It’s also important to note that there may be a medical reason for your excessive sweating. If you sweat a lot, even more than average, then talk to your doctor about any medical conditions that could cause it. There may be a way to get your sweat under control using medical methods.

A proactive measure

If you keep yourself cool during exercise then excessive sweating shouldn’t be a problem. If you need to, try pouring some water over your head and upper body to encourage evaporative cooling. Also make sure that you’re hydrated in order to get optimal performance from your body. You don’t have to live with excessive sweat and there are many ways to keep it under control.