Pairing Wine with Steak: What Kind of Wine Goes Best With Your Steak?

Steaks work well with any occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, having a date with someone or simply having a fancy dinner with your family, steaks paired with wine is enough to polish the evening.


Each person has a unique taste when it comes to steak. Some prefer to eat juicy bites of meat like Filet mignon whereas other loves to dig in a savory chunk of a beef. Anyone wish to have a tasty dinner with steak on the menu. However, do you know that wines can also influence of your steak? Yes, even the most priced and delectable steak can taste crappy with a wrong choice of wine. Every specific kind of steak goes with one kind of wine. Thus, before you decide to order a wine to come with your steak, make sure that it fits the taste of the type of steak you plan to order. So, to let you enjoy your dinner, here are the different wine and steak pairings you should know.


Filet Mignon


This type of steak is served tender and lean cut. Filet Mignon has luscious texture and one of a kind tenderness that can melt in your mouth with every single bite. This steak is cooked on the very hot cast-iron grill using wood charcoals to get the appropriate tenderness of the meat without burning the exterior.


The best wine to pair with filet mignon is cabernet sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Red Burgundy, Bordeaux, Merlot and Vintage Chianti.


Rib Eye


Ribeye has intense flavor cooked from wood-fired grill. For those who love their steaks juicy with bursting flavors, rib eye is a perfect choice. This steak works best with red wines particularly Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Zinfandel, Rioja, Sangiovese, and Priorat.




If you want your steak with a flavorful taste, the porterhouse is the one for you. The Porterhouse is a bigger version of T-bone. The fatty taste of porterhouse is manageable with the correct choice of wine. You can partner this steak with Chianti and Cabernet Sauvignon to control the fatty taste of porterhouse.


New York


The New York strip is cut along the short loin of beef. If you prefer a tender meat that is not too much intense in flavor, New York Strip will fit just right into your sensitive taste. This steak is usually paired with a wide variety of red wines. You can select from Red Bordeaux, Red Burgundy Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Red Rhone to go with your order of New York Strip.


Wine taste better with the method of how it is served. Although you have picked out the correct wine to match with your steak, it is not enough if the wine tastes bad.


How can you improve the taste of your wine?


The exposure to air can affect the taste of wine. It can subdue tangy taste and bring out the flavor of the wine through aerating. You have to use an excellent wine aerator to make out the best of your wine.


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