Backpacking Trip Packing Tips for Women

Being a woman can sometimes be tough especially when globetrotting alone. Compared to men, women feel the need to bring so many things even when packing light is necessary. Hence, the most common dilemma that women have when traveling is bringing everything they need, and at the same time, packing light.

You can read some good advice on Kaukko backpacks to help you choose the best backpack to bring all the things you’ll pack for your trip. Here are some backpacking trip packing tips for women.

Classic and Chic White Shirts

Not all girls realize the power of plain white shirts. These shirts are perfect for just too many uses. These are easy to wear during nights to town; with a simple accessory, it can turn into a chic outfit. White shirts are also perfect for hiking and other physical activities because they do not show sweat stains and are cool and comfortable when the weather is sizzling.

All-purpose Shirts with Sleeves

When traveling, women love bringing tank tops because these are easy to wear and comfortable. However, it is also a good idea to bring at least two shirts with sleeves. There are certain places such as temples, churches, and Muslim countries that require you to cover your shoulders. Long-sleeved tops can also ward off chills, sunburn, and annoying insects like mosquitoes.

Versatile Scarves and Sarongs

Sarongs are multifunctional; women can use these in so many ways. It can be used to cover shoulders, or used like a blanket when the temperature gets chilly at night. These can be used as a stylish scarf, cover-up, or pillow when you must be resourceful in a pressing situation.

Colorful and Nifty Dresses

When traveling, people love going to the beach, and one tip when packing for a backpacking trip is to bring colorful dresses. These are easy to wear and light to bring. These dresses are simple cover-ups for bikinis and at the same time can be worn during the night, in the beach during the day, or anywhere casual. It is better if women bring dresses that are wrinkle free.

Sensible Walking Shoes

Backpackers do a lot of walking. Hence, it is essential for them to bring shoes that they can walk in without difficulty or pain. One type of shoes that women must never leave home without is gladiators. If women plan to go hiking, then hiking shoes are also necessary. However, women need to keep in mind to bring shoes that they are going to need. If possible, they need to bring shoes in earth colors that can easily complement everything and anything they wear.

A Pair of Cropped Jeans or Shorts

The easiest and best thing to wear anywhere is denim shorts. These days, these are acceptable in almost every kind of place or occasion depending upon the top. Over and above everything else, these are easy to wear.


Makeup is everything to most women. Nevertheless, they need to segregate what they need from the makeup that they want. Since packing light is necessary, it is best if they will opt for “no makeup look”. This means going for minimal make-up, which usually comprises of powder, lip-gloss or lipstick, and blush.

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