Best Exercise Bike Workouts

Best Exercise Bike Workouts

Integrating exercise bike workouts in your fitness regimen can be a practical solution if you don’t have the time to head out to the gym regularly. Stationary bikes are ideal for individuals who desire an equipment that is easy to use as well as convenient. These products don’t take up much space, and can therefore be effortlessly utilized indoors. Essentially, you need to obtain some basic features to ensure your workout session can be productive. To begin with, only settle for an exercise bike whose display can allow you to keep track of vital statistics. This includes your speed, the amount of calories you burn and your heart rate. Also, opt for a product that features a comfortable seat and whose pedals come with safety straps. Finally, stability is one of the most critical features of any exercise equipment. Always make sure that your weight doesn’t supersede the maximum weight that your exercise bike can support for safety purposes. With that understood, let’s now take a look at the exact kinds of exercise bike workouts you may like to give a try. For more insight on this log on to

Top 2 exercise bike workouts

A stationary bike should be utilized as part of an exhaustive workout regimen, which ought to initially assist you when it comes to shredding off excess body fat. It should then facilitate for the comprehensive strengthening of your cardiovascular endurance. Ideally, you ought to commence your exercise regimen with moderate intensity exercises to fast-track fat burning. While also conditioning your body for much more demanding workouts as you progress.

Moderate intensity exercise bike workout

Start your exercise session with at least a five minutes warm-up which is executed at a relatively light intensity. However, prior to doing this, make it a point to pedal at a rate of sixty to seventy five percent of your optimal heart rate. You can make use of your exercise bike’s heart rate sensors (usually located at the handlebars). If your equipment doesn’t support this feature, you can take your pulse reading manually. Generally, you should deduct your given age from 220 to be in a position of determining your optimal heart rate. You should then take the figure you finally arrive at and multiply it with sixty and seventy five percent. For instance, if your age happens to be 30 years, you may most likely have a maximum heart rate of around of 190 bmp along with a targeted heart rate range of between 114 to 142.5 bmp. Pedal for around ten to twenty minutes in accordance to your fitness level. As you progress work up yourself to sixty minutes, by simply progressively increasing your pedaling time each week. After accomplishing this, take a five minute recovery time to decrease your heart rate. Basically you can repeat this workout with a frequency of at least 3 days a week.

High intensity interval exercise bike workout

After conditioning your body to the exercise regimen outline above, you can then proceed with more intensive exercise bike workouts & best spinning bike workouts to enhance your fitness levels. As always commence by warming up for five minutes. You should then proceed to pedaling at your maximum intensity for twenty seconds. At this juncture, don’t attempt to monitor your heart rate as the intervals are so rapid for you to obtain any excellent readings. Nevertheless, never try to pedal above your optimal heart rate. Pedal at low intensity for ten seconds, to enable you to finish the first round of this interval training. You should pedal for seven more rounds, alternating a twenty second round with a ten second recovery time. Finally, cool down for an additional five minutes to allow your heart rate to return to normal.