What Is A Chair Massage

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What is a chair massage?

Chair massaging is a short style of massage, with the client in a seated position, usually lasting about 10-15 minutes. The client sits in a unique ergonomically designed chair that is portable. The main focus areas of a chair massage is on your back, your shoulders, neck and arms. This is one of the best massage in miami, and due to that it is very popular.

What makes it different from any other massages?

The client is made comfortable on a chair while resting their face on round cradle looking downwards to the floor, this chair also offers support for your arms. The back and neck are completely at ease as the practitioner use Swedish massage moves, such as kneading, this massaging style requires no use of oil.

Where and when can a chair massage be done?

Chair massages are often used in stressful environments, such as, trade shows, conventions or airports, it is also utilized in many corporate settings. Many companies use chair massage practitioners and their services at health fairs, appreciation days for their employee or corporate events, which mostly result in great attendance, it reduces stress and morale.

Will a chair massage really help?

Upon having a massage of this nature, clients experience a feeling of positive energy, rejuvenation of the body, self-worth and relaxed. A chair massage can work wonders for your physical, and mental well-being not to mention your overall happiness.

Are the practitioners qualified?

The practitioners are usually professionally trained, certified and insured. All of these practitioners receive training in musculoskeletal anatomy, physiology and massage techniques, such as Swedish, compression, and a number of other techniques, which are then adapted for the use of a professional massage chair. Through the combination and proper use of posture, bodyweight and techniques, these practitioners can relieve muscle tension in a very short period of time.

Many companies offer chair massage miami and you should carefully choose the best one for yourself because many of them employ people without proper education. The best tip is to visit those who are certified.

Can I be cured of injuries?

Chair massages, which are performed by certified practitioners is not intended to replace treatment for injuries or medical conditions but is designed to effectively relieve stress by triggering the relaxation response. When a client is in this calm state of the body and mind, an opportunity to recharge and to let go of stress related symptoms is offered.

The actual massage.

Before initiating the massage, the practitioner will ask a few health related questions to the client. These questions are necessary to make sure that there are no contraindications. Though there aren’t many conditions that are aggravated by a seated massage, it is much better not to have a massage if you are suffering from fever or flu. In the case of localized pain such as a sprained wrist or a cut on the hand, the practitioner can usually go about working around those areas.

The practitioner will then demonstrate to the client how to get into the massage chair, and also adjusting it until the client is absolutely comfortable. Mostly the practitioner will work on the muscle groups in the neck, shoulders, back arms and hands. These are in general the areas where the most tension gets built up. It is also possible for the practitioner to work on the scalp, legs and feet. A chair massage should never hurt and the practitioner will adjust pressure to the client’s preferred threshold. The chair massage can last anything from five to thirty minutes, but can also be customized to any length of time.

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