10 Fitness Tips For Exercising At Home

Exercising is a very important activity that a human body requires. To exercise your body, it is a flexible activity that doesn’t require to be done only at the gym. You can also do it from home and still manage to keep your body fit.

Some of these fitness tips that you can exercise from home that are effective and more fun such that you can do them e.g. while watching TV or even listening to music include;

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Jogging in place

This is one of the greatest exercise that you can do while at home. All that it might require you is a pair of shoes so as to avoid any stress to your legs. Jogging in place is a very effective way to burn calories thus it can help you lose weight, thus keeping your body fit.

Ensure that you do it at a moderation that gets your heart pumping. It is more advantageous in such a way that to do the exercise it will not be affected by the harsh weather outside and other environmental factors.


This is one of the exercises that many people prefer not to engage themselves in because they can be difficult to at times. But what most people don’t understand is that for them to be effective, you don’t have to do them using one hand or too many that can exhaust your energy.

Just do the push-ups that work out well for your body. It is not a must you do them while your legs are straight, you can do them while on your knees or against a wall while standing up. This will help you to build your arms strength and involving your chest muscles in beneficial exercise.


Many people are not aware of this very vital exercise for keeping your buttocks and legs fit. It is a very simple exercise whereby you will only have to simply sit and stand repeatedly.


This is also a very important exercise that helps you to burn calories thus helping you to keep your body fit. It is more advisable to do it after taking a shower reason being you feel “powered up” and clean. It is also important before you start dancing you can do some stretches. Get a free space and just rock it with the music of your choice. Feel free and have fun.

Side lying hip abduction:

This is one of the most effective exercises that help in strengthening the gluteus medius. Things to note in while doing this exercise is that ensure that you keep your leg straight and the hip should not be rotated.

Standing calf raises:

One of the greatest ways to make your shins fit is by doing this exercise. You only require standing against a wall and placing your hands against the wall. Exhale as you rise up on your toes keeping your knees straight your hands will keep you balanced. Then inhale as you slowly lower your heels to the floor.
Step exercises:

This exercise will help you keep your muscles fit. You can use the steps in your home. Do this repeatedly.

Jumping jacks:

This is a very important cardio exercise. It is fun for they bring much of memories when one was a kiid.

Light weights:

It is not a must you go and buy these weights, you can use some light weights that you have at home e.g. a can of peas. You can also increase the amount of weight you are lifting e.g by lifting a jug of water and you will still keep your body fit.


It is a very simple exercise although very beneficial to you. It is also fun because it just involves you to walk around.